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Like A Seed In The Throat

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Birthdate:Apr 5
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

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abandoned buildings, all really good books but not twilight, all things irish, art, badger claws, badgers, bdsm, bondage, books, boondock saints, case studies, cathedrals, cats, chai, cheese, chiron/demetrius, churr, clove cigarettes, collars, colorful things, concrete blonde, cooking, cool summer nights, costuming, curvy girls, dar williams, dead can dance, drawing, dressing up, drinking, driving, eddie izzard, elves in black leather, fallen angels, farmhouses, fiction, fire signs, firefly, floggers, flogging molly, franz ferdinand, gaming, general geekery, good omens, gothic architecture, guys in kilts, guys with long hair, horror movies, ireland, irish bands, irish folk, irish music, jamesons, jet, jhonen vasquez, jonathan rhys meyers, kink, knitting, lazy sundays, leather, lie to me, lost souls, lucifer, monastic architecture, monty python, mountains and trees, my angel boys, my cats, nursing school, paganism, painting, parties, paws, photography, piercings, pizza, poking leandra, poppy z. brite, preston and steve, psychological autobiographies, pwn3d, rasputina, reading, red dwarf, red hair, rem, riding crops, road trips, robot chicken, root beer, roses, rpgs, samhain, scars, sci-fi, sewing, sewing useless garments, shoes, simon and garfunkel, singing, sketching, sleep, slytherin, smut, snow, snuggles, space ghetto, spike, star wars, state college, steampunk, strange angels, sunny days, swords, tacos, taking incriminating photos, tarot, tattoos, the clone wars, the dresden dolls, the morrigan, the mountain goats, traditional irish music, urban decay, vampires, velvet goldmine, video games, voice, warriors, wawa, writing

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